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Welcome to our shop, here you will find many of the weaves that we create and you will be able to decide how you would like each item created.

When youclick on an item it will ask additional questions of you, including what colors would you like the weaves and if it is wearable the length you would like it to be. If you have any special requests please let us know so we can talk to you about the request or if able just create the item(s) as you wish.

Additional items will be added as time goes on, so be sure to check back and see what new weaves we have learned.
Bracelets Image
Most of our bracelets can have gems or charms added to them, if you have a request let us know.
6 in 1 Image

6 in 1
European 6 in 1, more rings per group then 4 in 1.

Dragonsteps Image

Large Rings weaved with smaller ones, looks like tracks

Honey Bee Image

Honey Bee
Individual honey bees connected together.

Shaggy Loops Image

Shaggy Loops
Rings connected so they move and looks shaggy

Necklaces Image
Byzantine Image

The byzantine weave.

Shirzo Steampunk Image

Shirzo Steampunk
The fun Shirzo design with cogs added.

Japanese Lace Image

Japanese Lace
Multilayered rings connected by smaller rings.

Earrings Image
Earring Notice: Earring pictures are taken with just one of the set of earrings. Any earrings purchased will come in a set of 2. We wanted to show off the earrings better by taking closer shots of just 1 of the earrings you will recieve.
Grapes Image

European 4 in 1 shaped like grapes.

Mobius Image

A fun flower like pattern

Steampunk Image

Large Rings and Gears come together with Steel.

Dice Bag Image

Dice Bag
A bag that can be used for dice, money, phone, etc.

Dice aka d6 Image

Dice aka d6
One d6 made completely of chains.

Japanese Ball Image

Japanese Ball
A playful ball completely out of chain.

Key Chains Image

Key Chains
Different weaves with a keychain ring added