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Welcome to the Chibi Chains website! Here you will find many of the weaves that I have learned to create, and you can even help decide how you would like each item created!

When you click on an item it will ask additional questions of you, including what colors would you like, the weave, and if it is wearable the length you would like it to be. If you have any special requests please let me know so we can discuss your needs. We can even figure out a custom solution so you get exactly what you want.

Additional items will be added as time goes on, so be sure to check back and see what's new!
Bracelets Image
Most of our bracelets come standard but depending on what you want, most anything can be incorporated into nearly every bracelet. This includes gems, charms or even tags for a small additional cost. Just let me know what you want, and I will do everything I can to accommodate you.

I stand behind my work, and I don't mind fixing or adjusting any items free of charge. If you attend a convention I am at, just come to the table and I will help you however I can.
DragonScale Image

A unique 3D weave where the smaller rings are inside the large rings.

Dragonsteps Image

Large Rings woven with smaller ones, looks like tracks.

Orbital Vipera Berus Image

Orbital Vipera Berus
Rings in rings on rings. Make it look like ski slopes.

Necklaces Image
I can create custom necklaces with all sorts of extras, including gems, charms, and beads for a small additional cost.

If there is something specific you want added to the necklace or made a part of it, I can work with you to make that happen.
Byzantine Image

The byzantine weave.

Full Persian Image

Full Persian
This weave goes from small rings to large and back to small

GSG Image

A doubled up weave of Half Persian 3 in 1 with a Skull addition

Earrings Image
**** Notice: All the pictures of earrings within the shop only show one of the two earrings you would normally get with a purchase. I wanted to show off the earrings better by taking a closer shot of one of the pair. If you purchase one of the earrings you will receive a set of 2.****

We can add gems, charms or other items to the earrings for a small additional cost.
Full Persian Image

Full Persian
Full persian earrings that go from small to large and back to small rings

Grapes Image

European 4 in 1 shaped like grapes.

Mobius Image

A fun flower like pattern.

Steampunk Image

Large Rings and Gears come together with Bright Aluminum.

Bags & Dice Image
I can custom design a bag to your liking; this includes special designs. If we can figure out how to add it to a bag I will do it at no extra charge.

All dice are set in a standard dice pattern, where opposite sides all add up to 7.
Dice Bag Image

Dice Bag
A bag that can be used for dice, money, phone, etc.

Dice aka d6 Image

Dice aka d6
One d6 made completely of chains.

Other Image
All of our extra items are customizable to your tastes and needs.

If there is an item within that you would like modified, or something added to it, please let us know. Any additional charge will be dependent on the supplier cost of the item you would like added. We can add items like gems and charms to the keychains and crosses.
Japanese Ball Image

Japanese Ball
A playful ball completely out of chain.

Key Chains Image

Key Chains
Different weaves with a keychain ring added